Branko Galoić: Music of the World

On Saturday 14 November, the radio station BR Klassik will broadcast a portrait of the musician Branko Galoić, who will also perform at the Balkan Days on 6 March 2021.

He comes from a country that no longer exists: former Yugoslavia. He views the Croatia of today, where he was born, with a mixture of familiarity and the distance of one who has lived abroad for a long time. Amsterdam and Berlin were stations in his life, now he lives in Paris. All this is reflected in the music of the composer, songwriter and guitarist Branko Galoić. He has the music of the Balkans in his blood, but he has also played together with musicians from all over the world and absorbed the culture of Central Europe. In his songs and instrumental pieces the typical Balkan sound mixes with rock, ska, chanson and much more. The groovy rhythms of the Gipsy-Brass-Bands from South-East Europe and echoes of the melancholic Bosnian Sevdah are unmistakable in his songs. But Branko Galoić makes the traditional music of his homeland something very special and has found his very personal style – in guitar playing and singing.
– Florian Heurich on BR Klassik