february 2021

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february 1 (Monday) - 25 (Thursday)

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There are 25 days left until the 15th Balkantage in Munich! As we count down the days, we will talk about connecting people – a word that means so much at a time when we are forced to distance ourselves because of the pandemic. We will also talk about the generation of young people from this picturesque peninsula in southeastern Europe, who carry the burden of the present and “build bricks” for the future of the societies in which they live in.

During February, we present you numerous stories of young people of different profiles, who talk about their days in the Balkans, but also about their experiences and life in different European countries.

This generation faces a great challenge, their role is crucial, and their responsibility is great. We asked them how they look at the present, but also what visions for the future they have.

We ask you the same – listen to the first story and join us in thinking about how to connect? Is leaving the Balkans the only option for achieving young people’s goals? What are the motives of those who decide to start living outside the Balkans?

Prepared by: Azalea Džanko.

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