Balkan Bazaar

Balkan Bazaar

07.03 /  Willy-Graf-Gymnasium

In addition to the Balkan Bazaar, the annual Folklore Competition takes place. Visitors are offered a variety of stands with traditional food, shakes, selfmade juices, marmalades, homemade products, books and bags. 

This year the society  „ETNO KLUB KICELJ“ from Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegowina, the society „ZENA POVRATNICA PODRINJKA“ from Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegowina,  „BKUD RADOST“ E.V. from Gauting, „JELEK“ from München, „RUKOM“ from München and Bosnia-Herzegowina, „NAVI EVERLAST“ from Kragujevac, Serbia, Milka Tisma from Munich and „BEHAR“ from Munich are hosting stands. 

Thanks to our supporters and cooperation partners!



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